Behind the Firmness of a Father

Usually, for the daughter who has been grown, who was working in the overseas, who followed her husband wander outside the city or abroad, who were school or lecture away from her parents, will often feel very missed to her mother.

So, how about father?

May be because mother was more often called you to ask about your condition every day. But, did you know, if Dad was the one who reminds Mama to call you?

May be once when you’re small, Mother was the one who more often take you tell or fairy tales. But Did you know, that after father worked with tired faces, he always ask about you and what did you do all day?

When you’re still a little girl, he was usually taught her little daughter to ride a bike. And after he pick up you could riding a bike, he will release the auxiliary wheels of your bike.

Therefore, mom said: ” “Not yet Dad, do not be removed once the wheels help him”

Mama was afraid of falling and hurt her sweet daughter.

But, You realize?

That Father with confidence will let you, look at you, and take care pedaled carefully, because he knew that his little girl SURE CAN.

When you cried to request new dolls or toys, Mom look at you with pity. But he will say emphatically: “Can we buy it later, but not now”

When you’re sick of influenza, Dad is too afraid to yell sometimes a little by saying: “have i say! You do not drink cold water!”.

When you’ve got teenagers …. You start demanding to dad for permission to go out at night, and dad was firm and said: “No!”.

Did you know that father did that to take care of you? As for Dad, you are something very – very important to him.

After that you’re mad at Dad, and entered the room, slamming the door … And who comes knocking doors and persuade you to avoid anger is Mom ….

Did you know that when father closed his eyes and holding within his inner turmoil, that father was eager to follow your wishes, but again he MUST take care of you?

Unlike Mama, who observe and advise you gently. You should know, that at that time father really worried about you.

Did you know, Dad did it because he didn’t want you to become a spoiled child with all the demands which can always be met?

When a guy started to call you often, or even come to the house to see you, he would put the world’s coolest face …. : ‘)

Dad occasionally eavesdropping or peeping when you were chatting together in the living room ..

You realize, if father was felt jealous?

When you begin to be more credible, and Dad relax a little out of the house rules for you, you will be forced to violate at night.

So that father was sitting in the living room, and waiting you to back home with a heart who is very worried … and after feeling worried that a protracted … when she saw her little girl’s came home late at night, his heart would harden and Dad be angry to you. . .

It’s time you graduated as a scholar.

father was the first to stand up and applaud you.

father will smile with pride and satisfaction of seeing “a not spoiled little girl who grow up successfully, and has become someone”
Until now, your boy friend come to the house and asked for permission to Dad to take you from him.

Dad would be very careful to give permission ..

Because he knew …..

That man was who will replace his position later.

You realize, that it was very feared for him and was coming soon? “His little girl will soon leave him.”

And finally …. When dad saw you sitting in Stage bridal dais with a man who in the think of it worth replacing,  father was smiling happy …

Did you know, in that happy day, father went backward stage for a while, and weep?

Dad cried because he was very happy, then he prayed …. In a quiet prayer to God, Father said: “O Lord my job was well done …. My little girl was cute and I love, has become a beautiful woman …. give her happiness with her ​​husband … “

After that, father could only wait your arrival with his grandchildren who occasionally come to visit …

With an increasingly graying hair… And body and arms are no longer strong enough to take care of you from danger….

Dad, dad, and dad….Is the figure which should always look strong … Even when he was not strong to not cry …

He should see the firm even when he wants to pamper you. .

And he was the first person who always believes that “YOU CAN” in all things ..



For you who read it, it’s from my brother’s note in facebook. Who posted this note is greatly missed to his father. And today, i had read Tarbawi Magazine in a special edition “DAD HAS HIS OWN WAY TO LOVE US” – AP


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